At SBR, we believe in trusting the process. We are passionate about clinical trials and take the time to explain every step to you, so you remain in control and informed at all times.

“SBR” is not just a carefully selected string of letters, but it is also a play on the word Sabr, which means patience in the Arabic language. We understand your patience is a virtue and your time is valuable. The hourglass symbol in our logo has been specially designed to fit the vision we stand for, which reflects the ultimate message of trusting the process and the time in performing a clinical trial. You invest the time and the results will be fruitful. At SBR, we endeavour to stay ahead of the times, and we know the world is changing as we speak. New ideas and new concepts are being developed every day, and in keeping with this, is the idea that the hourglass can be reset at any time. As we learn new things and test new methods, we can be sure to always stay on the top of our game.